An integrated approach to help prepares you for the IPO market

From initial public offering (IPO) financing to executing a debt offering, our capital markets team can help you identify new ways to access capital. When your business is ready to contemplate a going public transaction, we are here to assess your readiness to ensure it goes smoothly and successfully. From tax structuring to financial reporting to adopting new practices, processes, and corporate governance, The ThomasRoss Group independent professionals equip you with the objective, unbiased guidance that you need, so that you can make decisions for growing your business. Our Capital Markets Advisory team provides:
  • Corporate Governance Capital structure, capital raising, and capital alternatives
  • selection, pricing, valuation, and equity raising process.
  • Insights on recent trends in the equity capital markets.
  • Preparation of SEC-ready financial statements
  • Preparation of projected financial statements including tangible net worth considerations.
  • Analysis of related-party transactions
  • Monthly financial reporting package
  • Operating and other statistical information
  • Executive compensation /stock option plans
  • Adequacy of information systems including ability to meet filing deadlines as a public company.
  • Financial structuring
  • Strategic planning
  • Complex accounting and reporting issues
  • Initial public offerings, debt and equity offerings, divestitures, spinoffs, and carve outs.
  • Independent view on investment bank and equity research analyst
  • Financial Reporting
Prepared for Life as a Public Company Whether it’s accessing existing, new, or alternative funding sources, particularly through an initial public offering, the process requires extensive preparation, deep technical skill, industry insight, and forward-thinking strategy. For organizations contemplating accessing the capital markets, an IPO also requires teamwork among an organization, all its advisors, the board of directors and company personnel. we are here to assess your readiness to ensure it goes smoothly and successfully. If you need assistance with starting an IPO process for your company, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Get Real-Time Information, And Capital Market Insights. For more Financial Market Data information see the following page Capital Market Financial Charts

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Get real-time information, and capital market insights.

Market Data a detailed overview of global markets performance, including change value (both in absolute and percentage numbers), Open, High, Low and Close values for the selected financial instruments. For more Financial Market Data information see the following page Capital Market Financial Charts

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