Trust & Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be an overly complicated and expensive affair, especially if you are not aware of your financial and legal rights and obligations. What with the countless auxiliary components such as healthcare concerns, probate courts, bureaucracy, eligibility of chosen heirs, inaccurate appraisals, state tax liabilities, 401Ks, IRAs and so on associated with it, estate planning on your own without the assistance of a professional can end up denting a hole in your pocket.

When you think of estate planning, there are a million questions that come to mind, the answers to which can be obtained only from an experienced and qualified estate planner who has handled several similar cases in the past.

Wealth Preservation

At Thomasross, we understand that every single estate planning case is different from the other.   And that is exactly why we offer highly personalized estate planning services suited to the varying requirements and preferences of each of our discerning clients. Here are a few ways in which we can help you:

  • Helping to identify your estate planning goals.
  • Offering discussions and expert recommendations on complex matters such as your various estate planning options
  • Creating and organizing your estate planning documents to ensure that they follow both state and federal legislation.
  • Devise ways of managing your expenses and reducing probate costs.
  • Make adequate arrangements for estate management in case you are rendered incapable of handling your affairs of your own accord.
  • Drafting the actual estate plan for managing your wealth post your demise.
  • Ensuring proper transfer of the estate to your chosen heirs post your demise.
  • Managing your tax obligations associated with estate planning.
  • Recommending amendments as and when needed

We provide support from emerging entities just getting established, to large organization with complex needs. Contact Us for more information.

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