CARES Act Loan Consulting

SBA COVID-19 Relief Loan Program

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues to impact people around the world.  Business, accounting firms have been required to shift the way they conduct business. In this climate of uncertainty, it is important to focus on what matters most - taking care of your clients, managing your staff's needs and running your business profitably.

Our CARES Act Loan Consulting team can help organizations proactively work with their lenders by applying and understanding the requirements for loan forgiveness.

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan funds, it is important to understand the Small Business Administration's (SBA's) spending and documentation requirements to determine forgiveness eligibility. To achieve debt forgiveness under the program, specific spending and documentation requirements must be fulfilled.

The PPP loan forgiveness process is likely to be time consuming and complicated, more so than the PPP application process itself.

ThomasRoss Financial Group CARES Act Loan Consulting team can help organizations prepare their forgiveness submissions and obtain proper supporting documentation.



Our Services include:

  • Help with your PPP loan forgiveness submission. Send us your spending documentation and our team will input your data.
  • Help with necessary documentation to the lending bank. Forgiveness Application Preparation and Submission
  • Assist you in answering questions the bank may have during review.
  • Custom Financial Modeling Services for PPP Loan Certification and Forgiveness – The Consulting team offers custom financial modeling services to help borrowers fulfill loan certification requirements and maximize their forgiveness eligibility.
  • For loan certification, our financial modeling services can be used to help borrowers validate their need based on financial and cash flow projections, receivables, and sales. We also use financial modeling to help borrowers qualify for maximum loan forgiveness.


Our team can help your organization comply with PPP loan spending and documentation requirements to maximize your loan forgiveness.

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