Divestitures Consulting Services

Whether you are looking to spin-off, carve-out a piece or sell your entire company, our dedicated engagement teams team helps clients reach their strategic goals, optimize their portfolio, evaluate the risks and rewards.

Specialists with deep sector experience, will maximize speed to market and minimize operational disruptions to your business. Together, drive the transformation that comes from confidently divesting the right assets at the right time to secure lasting value.

Our services
  • Separation planning
  • Negotiation and execution
  • Optimization of the remaining business
  • Carve-out financial information.
  • Due diligence

Whether to support an IPO, spin-off, or sale transaction, our team will help you understand your best possible options and realize your business potential. From defining the appropriate documentation, it takes strong operational and industry expertise to guide a smooth transaction, regardless of buyer requirements. strategic vision throughout the deal we will help you turn the complexities of your deal into a clear path to value.

Divestitures offer strong, strategic benefits – but how do you know if, and when, it is the right choice and right time? Major transactions are increasingly multifaceted. Whether you are buying another company or selling off a division of your company

From portfolio assessment, to discovering value in carving out separate entities, Thomasross Group strategy and divestitures teams work hand in hand with you to uncover real deal opportunities.

Turn data into insights.

Divestitures require companies to engage with a layer of complexity. At Thomasross Financial Group you will work with a specialist who understands your business, from data to industry experience, analysis to value capture and strategy to execution.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our integrated approach delivers perspective of the financial and operational aspects of your deal.

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We offer a broad range of services to help clients secure a sound financial future.

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