WE Provide financing solutions for all levels of the capital stack.

The Thomasross Group, offer customized equity consulting and employee stock option administration services for year-end, quarter-end, and monthly reporting, plans for startups, privately funded companies and those preparing for IPOs. Your company stock option accounting needs only get more complex, and the stakes only get higher, as you grow. Our experts team streamline your equity management process and provide technical accounting along with hands-on software expertise. We offer a complete range of customizable equity services that cut your reporting burden, operational errors, and administration costs
  • Managing your equity plan
  • Equity Compensation.
  • Transaction Support.
Whether you have 4 employees or four hundred, your equity program is unique to your company. We provide valuation experts and software specialists who can handle every part of your equity program. Secure the financing your company need to achieve your goals

Our financing specialists can provide you with practical and tailored advice to help you understand, secure, and manage financing solutions which work for your business. At Thomasross financial Group, we offer a collaborative approach whereby we mobilize experts across the full range of technical disciplines, sectors, and geographies to ensure you have a tailor-made team to meet the financing needs that fit your business strategy.

You may be seeking to refinance debt, raise funds from investment partners or finance an infrastructure project. We utilize our extensive network of resources to provide financing solutions for all levels of the capital stack included early-stage equity infusions, and all types and durations.

We advise on the following solution

  • Capital Structure and Sourcing
  • Transaction¬†Structuring and Capitalization
  • Growth Capitalization
  • Cash Flow Management and Bridge

Our knowledge in engineering the capital stack allows us to create solution sets that are enabled by our national network of relationships. We have an extensive network and strong relationships with an array of capital providers including:

  • Private Equity Sponsors
  • Venture Capital
  • Account Receivable financing
  • Working Capital
  • Asset Base Lending
  • Mezzanine Investors
  • Junior and Senior lenders

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