Corporate Payroll Services

Managing employee remuneration is a complicated yet critical process associated with all businesses. Payroll processing is an extremely time-consuming process and can end up utilizing a major chunk of your operational hours every month. As a result, the time that you should be otherwise employing for performing more important tasks such as boosting your revenues, identifying novel business opportunities, nurturing consumer relationships, revising your products and services, is largely spent on entering employee details and processing payroll reports.

Get the payroll solution that best fits your needs.

At Thomasross we provide you our expert financial know how and comprehensive understanding of accounting to ensure well balanced and efficient management of your payroll operations. We are committed to providing personalized payroll solutions to suit the varying needs of the different companies and ensuring that they can invest their valuable time and resources in prospects that matter.

Some of our payroll services include:
  • User friendly provisions for accurate and efficient payroll entries
  • Preparation and printing of payroll checks
  • Enabling you to process employee remuneration as per your preferred approach
  • Online processing of payroll for your employees
  • Easily accessible payroll reports, union reports, workers’ compensation reports, child support audits and so on with comprehensive and accurate details of all your employees
  • Professional assistance for evaluation and filing of local, state and federal payroll taxes
  • Comprehensive solutions for customizing, maintaining as well as updating your company’s payroll system in compliance with the latest legislation as well as technology advancements
  • Top of the line payroll solutions at an highly irresistible pricing
  • Management of payroll records for new hires
  • Maintenance of all leave accruals (personal, sick, vacation) of your company’s employees
Why Outsource Your Payroll Outsourcing your payroll processing operations to Thomasross will not only ensure that you stay on top of your employee remuneration management but also offer you great peace of mind knowing that your affairs are being handled by qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to serving you with the best they have.

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