Corporate Tax Preparation

What with the countless other important aspects of your business such as its day-to-day operations and progress to take care of, keeping track of your corporate taxes can be a particularly daunting task for most entrepreneurs. It is worthwhile to hire a professional financial expert for taking care of the preparation and planning for your corporate taxes.

Given the fact that the legal implications of corporate tax returns have become quite complicated in the recent times, businesses can largely benefit from the financial expertise of profession tax planners in achieving optimum tax efficiency in the long haul.

At Thomasross, our team of highly qualified tax experts provides you with top notch tax preparation and planning solutions to ensure that you not only stay on top of their tax liabilities but also are able to enjoy the benefits of credits and exemptions that you may be entitled to.

Here is what we do for you:
  • Offering comprehensive corporate tax planning, structuring and consultancy services
  • Electronic filing of tax returns for quicker refunds
  • Assistance on readjustment of payroll withholding and employee remuneration to save more money every week.
  • Providing support for tax investigations
  • Providing advice and assistance on estate and trust planning
  • Identifying suitable tax deductions that your business might be suitable for and effectively reducing your liability for the following year.
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate tax regulations

In addition to planning your direct corporate taxes, we also provide our expert advice on international tax implications for companies that indulge in cross border transactions with foreign clients. International Tax legislations can be quite complex when it comes to creating the right framework for your operations and supply lines.

At Thomasross we help you manage the countless legal aspects of international taxation including transfer pricing, Value Added Tax, Foreign custom duties and more.

Regardless of whether you are a newly established startup venture or a reputed brand name in the market, you can always access our top-notch financial solutions and restore adequate control over your corporate tax liabilities and return filing. Contact Us for more information.

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