Business Systems Consulting Manager

Job Function

The role of the Business Systems Consulting (BSC) Manager is to assist clients with their business systems, including people, daily processes and technology. The BSC Manager is responsible for helping clients evaluate and improve the design and function of their business systems technology stack and look beyond the programs and applications to dig deeper and uncover any disconnects and deficiencies among these three core elements. The BSC Manager will then design strategies to maximize the company’s current technology and identify more appropriate solutions, correct process efficiencies and place individuals where they can make the greatest possible impact within their organization.

Professional Responsibilities

  • Meet with clients to assess current business systems (people, processes and technology)
  • Prepare key findings and analysis reports on client systems
  • Quickly learn ERP systems and third party applications, and be able to assist clients with system implementation and restructure projects
  • Perform extensive general ledger and transactional flow analysis to assist in correcting errors found and complex reporting requirements setup
  • Formulate plan and timeline for projects
  • Manage complex ERP and restructuring implementation projects
  • Convert records for input into new systems
  • Coordinate and train clients on an individual or group basis on use of system
  • Complex payroll setups in clients accounting system
  • Consult with clients on best practices related to their business processes
  • Supervise staff on projects and provide performance feedback

Personal Responsibilities


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Information Systems or related field
  • 5+ years relevant work experience
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Business development experience
  • Strong accounting knowledge: proficiency with financial statements, inventory processes, and general ledger accounting
  • ERP implementation experience (experience with multiple ERP systems a plus)
  • Ability to think “outside the box” and provide solutions to clients for various business-related tasks and analysis
  • Experience with project management, managing an implementation team, and evaluating processes
  • Ability to manage project budgets, change orders and timelines
  • Experience working with manufacturing processes and inventory structure
  • Knowledge of third-party applications that work with business applications and how to research application needs
  • Strong Excel working knowledge