Sometimes, businesses need money to grow. If that’s the case for your company, then we can help secure the loan you need.

Approaching a bank for a business loan without being properly prepared can quickly land you in the “High Risk” category for lenders, making an already harrowing process more difficult.

But, if you know how to prepare and organize correctly, you can go in with the confidence you need to walk away with a loan for your business.

All it takes is knowing what lenders are looking for – something that we specialize in! We can help you create a winning financial proposal for you business, filled with everything lenders want to see.

Basically, lenders want to bet on a sure thing. And while you have confidence in your business’ ability to turn profit, lenders need a little convincing. We can help gather the information they need and frame your business as an investment that pays off.

Crafting from the lender’s perspective gives our proposals a high success rate, so you can secure your loan quickly and start growing your business right away.

Our proposals are more than just some words on paper. They include extensive research, documents and data that gives credibility to your business. When drafting the proposal, we provide additional details like:

  • Executive Summary: We lay out exactly why you need the loan and how it will be used, so lenders know where their money is going.
  • Financial Statements and Cash Budgets: It pays to be prepared, and no one knows that better than lenders. We’ll include easy to read statements regarding your business data that the lenders can buy into.
  • Personal Financial Statements: As the owner, the banks are going to be looking at your personal credit to see if any red flags pop up. If you can keep your personal affairs in order, it puts their mind at ease that you’ll do the same for your business. We’ll collect several years worth of personal statements like, tax returns, so lenders can see how reliable your are.
  • Representation: We help provide proof of your financial needs to your banker on your behalf.

Growing your business is a big step, so don’t let the lending process be a hurdle. If you need help securing a loan for your business, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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